The secret of wearing a wig

Many patients with alopecia, such as early baldness, alopecia after burns, scarring alopecia caused by jaundice, extensive alopecia areata or total baldness, often seriously affect beauty, especially female patients will cause great psychological trauma. The easiest way is to use a wig to cover the defects and get mental comfort and psychological satisfaction.

There are two types of wigs, one is made of real hair and the other is made of chemical fiber. There are three ways to make a wig, namely, machine knitting, semi-manual knitting and full-knitting by hand.

With wigs, you can choose a variety of different styles according to your preferences, such as youth, wave, freestyle. After using the wig, always peel it, peel it so that it is light and prevent the wig from falling off. It is best to comb your hair once a day. When you wash the wig, first comb the hair and then wash it. When washing and styling, do not use your hands to crush, or submerge the hood in water to prevent the wig from getting dirty. Wigs should not be washed anymore, usually from half a month to January.

Wear a wig, pay attention to the color of the wig, try to combine your age and the original hair. In addition, it is necessary to pay for the wig before going to bed, or make a hood, so that only the hood can be replaced, which is both hygienic and prolongs the life of the wig.

5 Tips To Buy The Best Hair Extensions

“Should I buy hair?” It is a common problem. Getting a new instant look has never been easier than editing in the current hair extension. These hair accessories are a better alternative to permanent hairstyles, because even if you do not need a professional hairdresser, you can easily put them on and remove them. You may decide to try using the hair extension, but you may want to know where to buy the hair extension. In the clip extension, you can now explore a variety of options, which is good.

When you decide to buy a hair extension, be sure to look for the best option for you. This should include searching for a local online store, visiting your local hair salon or beauty salon, as well as researching and getting feedback from other consumers on beauty forums and information sites. The most up-to-date information about the brand, the type of sales extension, quality and price is the most important factor to consider when you want to buy an extension.

Get the extension online and see the convenient way immediately. You can buy in a comfortable house and explore several websites that now offer a variety of brands and styles. However, when you buy and receive hair extensions online, you must be careful. Compare styles and prices and make sure the online store offers a refund or return policy in case you do not get the exact product you requested. When you buy an extension online, save some money, but keep in mind that you will not try to send it before you buy it.

Another great way to buy an extension is to go to your local beauty salon. The advantage of this option is that you can see the hair extensions before buying. It also helps you get the color more like your own hair, since you can compare it there. Most retailers will allow you to remove the hair to feel it and verify its quality, but you are not allowed to test it for hygiene reasons. This is important because you can also feel its thickness and if it is adequate.

The disadvantage of buying an extension in a beauty salon or hairdressing salon is the price. Typically, the cost can be three to four times higher, and you can easily pay $ 350 or more to buy an online extension for $ 150. This is because online purchases can make you miss an intermediary , since many online stores deal directly with manufacturers and do not have to pay expensive rent or intermediary fees. Sometimes it can even be beneficial to enter the store and understand the extensions and the types of color you want, then buy the extension online at a better price.

If you decide to buy an extension online, visit Facebook or other social networks and the comments of customers on eBay if you find the style you like in the eBay store. You can also do a Google search, or you can find some YouTube videos that offer suggestions for buying extensions. See before and after photos of people who have purchased the extension. In this way, you can feel comfortable and easily buy the extensions that will give you the best results.

Once you find the style, length and color that you think are best for you, do not hesitate. Buy hair extensions and see how easy it is to create a new look without spending too much time and money. Use the clips on the hair clips to add volume to your hair, which will make you feel more secure. If you are still not sure how to improve your appearance, ask a friend or spouse to help you make a decision, or better yet, surprise him and give him a gift!