The secret of wearing a wig

Many patients with alopecia, such as early baldness, alopecia after burns, scarring alopecia caused by jaundice, extensive alopecia areata or total baldness, often seriously affect beauty, especially female patients will cause great psychological trauma. The easiest way is to use a wig to cover the defects and get mental comfort and psychological satisfaction.

There are two types of wigs, one is made of real hair and the other is made of chemical fiber. There are three ways to make a wig, namely, machine knitting, semi-manual knitting and full-knitting by hand.

With wigs, you can choose a variety of different styles according to your preferences, such as youth, wave, freestyle. After using the wig, always peel it, peel it so that it is light and prevent the wig from falling off. It is best to comb your hair once a day. When you wash the wig, first comb the hair and then wash it. When washing and styling, do not use your hands to crush, or submerge the hood in water to prevent the wig from getting dirty. Wigs should not be washed anymore, usually from half a month to January.

Wear a wig, pay attention to the color of the wig, try to combine your age and the original hair. In addition, it is necessary to pay for the wig before going to bed, or make a hood, so that only the hood can be replaced, which is both hygienic and prolongs the life of the wig.