Four major hair damage problems different repair programs

To achieve the ideal hairstyle, most people will take care of dyeing and softening the hair, which will inevitably sacrifice the health of the scalp and hair. We offer special tips for hair care according to different hair problems, so you can take care of your hair style and your health.


If you want to improve the dry and rough hair of the straw, you must first understand the condition of your scalp and then choose the right shampoo to rebuild the sensation of moisturizing the hair. Dryness caused by dry scalp, white residue often appear on the scalp, which is mistaken for dandruff, so the use of excess cleaning or anti-dandruff shampoo.
In fact, the use of moisturizing type of care products, for the scalp and hair to hydrate. For dry hair caused by excessive ventilation and electric dyeing, it is recommended to apply the hair mask once a week. Apply the hair mask on the hair shaft, give a gentle massage and then wrap it in a warm towel for best results. The heat helps to open the scales on the surface of the hair, accelerating the penetration of hair care ingredients into the core, and after 10 to 15 minutes, rinse well.

2. damaged hair

Excessively frequent chemical treatments cause the hair to become brittle and damaged, open the surface of the scales and lose proteins and lipids at the tips. Therefore, it is best to separate the permanent and discoloration procedures for about a month and, at the same time, strengthen the moisturizing repair. The hair is mainly composed of keratin, which strengthens the structure of the keratin and repairs the damage and strengthens the hair.
After washing with shampoo, wet hair is inflated, avoiding friction with the towel and deepening damage to the scales. It is recommended to use a towel to dry the water. Apply heat-resistant products to the outer layer of hair before blowing and combing to avoid thermal damage. The longer the hair, the more difficult the supply of nutrients, the long straight hair is easy to highlight the lack of water, the fork can be modified with the hair of several levels to modify the problem of the tail of the hair. But when the hair has been damaged, you have to endure to cut it.

3. Sensitive to the scalp
The healthy scalp can produce a shiny and strong hair, while the sensitive scalp is prone to dry itching and dandruff. If the condition is severe, it will cause hair loss and you will need a softer care. Shampoo with warm water, first put the shampoo in the palm of your hand and then apply the scalp.
Choose a sensitive scalp care product, such as a formula that does not contain potential allergens such as parabens or gluten. Alcohol-free styling products can be avoided, and hair should not be pulled too much when it grows, which reduces irritation of the scalp. A gentle massage that calms the essence of the scalp to help balance the condition of the scalp and relieve pressure. If the scalp continues to redden and shrink, it may be eczema or psoriasis, and you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

4. dry hair

Dryness of hair can also be attributed to dry and damaged porous hair, which absorbs moisture in moist air and then expands into sparse hair. After shampooing or drying hair with static electricity, the conditioner has a positive charge, which can reduce static electricity and improve hair dryness. Try applying the conditioner to the hair for five minutes, neutralizing the minerals in the water and smoothing the hair.
When blowing, use a cylinder of ionic air to accelerate the drying of the water in the hair and flatten the hair. Natural hair, dry hair often flies up. It is advisable to use a soft product for the care of hair that does not rinse, apply it from the bottom to the top, extend each hair and domesticate it. When it comes to the hairiness of long, straight hair, you can spray the hair oil without rinsing it over the toothbrush and use it as a small hairbrush.