Four strokes say goodbye to greasy bangs

1. Using oil control products for hair
You can use shampoo with oil control ingredients to inhibit the oil to the scalp, but the corresponding effect is that the hair will become dry and rough, so it is recommended to use a moisturizing conditioner to add more nutrients to the hair core. Some people are easy to produce oil in the Liuhai area. For this special group, you can consider how to wash the bangs every morning, which not only reduces the oil production of the bangs, but also does not remove the hair oil.

2. Give the oil in front
Another reason for Liu Hai oil is that because the skin of the brain is too rich in oil, it produces oil in the hair. Therefore, for this group of people, it is necessary to clean the brain with absorbent paper of oil and to suck all the oil. Dry, so the bangs will stay dry and cool.

3. Handle your hands
Do not touch the oily fringe with your hands, since our fingers will be contaminated with a lot of dust or even oil, so if you touch the fringe with your hands, it is likely that your hair will be more greasy, if the fringe is back in the hair. skin. Rubbing can cause acne, redness and other phenomena, so it is very important to control your hand.

4. Do not start bangs
It is a way to avoid fatty bumps by using hair accessories. It can also make people look more refreshed, but once they do, they can not take it all day. The hair accessories were removed, and for the “no bangs, nobody” people have to be prepared mentally.

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